BOSS Paints & Threon: a collaboration on ERP & efficiency level

Boss Paints is a family-owned company that develops, produces and sells high-quality paint products for both professionals and retail customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. The company desired professional guidance for the renewal of their ERP back-office system and Point of Sale (PoS) environment and additionally sought out project management support. Via our Health Check solution, we were able to offer the necessary recommendations to guarantee an effective project management approach. In addition, we temporarily took up the role of project manager while the company’s internal project manager was on maternity leave. How we did this? Read on and discover yourself!



We assisted the organization with the following challenges:

  • Project management : an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of such high impact and complexity (more specifically: renewing the existing ERP back-office system and replacing the current POS application in the Colora shops) required an efficient and effective project management approach.
  • Budget management: due to the size and duration of the project, strict budget control was necessary.
  • Project manager on maternity leave: the internal project manager of Boss Paints was on maternity leave during this project and needed to be temporarily replaced.

The Project

An external Health Check of the project was executed to deal with the abovementioned challenges, followed by the introduction of extensive scope management and the assignment of an external interim project manager.

Firstly, the Threon team completed a Project Health Check, which resulted in several recommendations that were later implemented.One of the main actions that resulted from these recommendations was a detailed scoping exercise to redefine and refine the scope of the project .

Additionally, an experienced Threon ERP project manager replaced the company’s internal project manager during her absence, guaranteeing a continuous follow-up on the ERP back-office system renewal.

  • The Health Check resulted in a list of practical and pragmatic recommendations to optimize the management of the project.
  • After a two week handover period, the Threon ERP project manager took over all responsibilities of the Boss Paints’ project manager.
  • After five months, the Threon ERP project manager successfully handed back the ERP project management to Boss Paint’s internal project manager, without any additional impact on planning or budget.

Next steps

While the assignment is officially finalized, Boss Paints can count on the support of Threon as their reliable partner in project management if they require further support within this project.

Why Threon?

Before this assignment, Boss Paints was already slightly familiar with us, as their IT-manager had previously followed one of our project management trainings. He recommended us to his organization as a trustworthy Project Management partner qualified to perform their PM Health Check. After presenting our Project Management Health Check approach, we were asked if we could propose a suitable project manager ourselves. We were, of course, up to the task. We selected a Threon project manager who was qualified to temporarily replace Boss Paints’ current project manager thanks to his deep knowledge of project management and his extensive experience with ERP implementation projects.

About BOSS Paints

Boss Paints is a family-owned company that develops, produces and sells high-quality paint products for both professional and retail customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Their brand Colora is available to retail customers in over 60 Colora shops in both Belgium and the Netherlands.The company is located in Waregem, Belgium.