Leasing company ALD Automotive choses for New Ways of Working

The concept of New Ways of Working (NWoW) is making his rise. This New Ways of Working enables companies to organize their working time, division of tasks and working environment in a more flexible way. This way, companies evolve towards efficient and pleasant work environments, where employees get the chance to work more closely together. ALD Automotive, the internationally acclaimed leasing company, is fully supporting this working concept and chose for NWoW in the design of their new Belgian headquarters. To make sure this whole project in transformation management was managed well, they consulted Threon.


ALD Automotive is the driving force of innovation in the Belgian leasing industry and focusses on flexible and sustainable mobility solutions, such as company bikes, different mobility applications and charging options. By the end of 2017, the company decided to move and renew their Brussels headquarter. The old company building didn’t meet the technical requirements anymore and was unfortunately situated in a residential neighborhood. Integrating their business activities in the new building, wasn’t a quick and easy task for ALD Automotive because they decided to implement a progressive and optimized company culture, at the same time.

An intensive preparation

To make sure everything could be implemented and organized in a structurally efficient manner, ALD Automotive consulted Threon. As an expert in project management, Threon facilitated the whole project, starting from the search for suitable architects to change management and the follow-up of the project on the construction site. Adrien Meyer, coordinator of the ALD Automotive project at Threon, explains: “The project kicked off in 2018. During the first phase, we defined all the different requirements of the new building with the board. This first process also included visits to other firms who already worked according to the principles of NWoW. We noticed f.e. a strong accent on ergonomics in the working environment and paper-free, flexible offices which stimulated cooperation between colleagues. Afterwards, we discussed the expectations of the middle board to get to know what they expected from NWoW”.

A continuous balancing act

“During the preparation phase, we also involved the employees,” Adrien continuous. “Obviously everyone agreed this NWoW could be a useful improvement, if their office organization was more focused on a better work-life balance. But at the same time, leaving familiar routines behind and having a leap of faith, were necessary. Therefor, we carefully listened to the employees’ wishes, expectations and remarks before we evolved to concrete measures/actions.

A change team which connects all departments

“The success of a direction change in a company’s culture strongly depends on the way all parties communicate and the continuous support of employees during the whole project”, Adrien explains. “To keep everyone up to date and strengthen the internal support, we pulled together a change team in which approximately 10 people of different departments could work closely together. This team frequently provided accurate information to all parties involved. They were the fundamental link between employees and the decision makers of the company. On the one hand, if employees had questions, they could ask the change team members, who passed them through to the project leaders. On the other hand, the change team members were representatives of the project and informed the employees about the project’s new turns. A method which payed off successfully for all parties involved”.

ALD Automotive 2.0

The new ALD Automotive office needs to be up-and-running by the end of November 2018. Let us take a look on how ALD Automotive has implemented this New Ways of Working (NWoW) in their working environment and company culture.

  • Visitors and customers are welcomed in a modern and open lobby, which perfectly resembles the new company culture.
  • The principle of flexible zoning makes sure individual offices disappear and employees from different departments are able to work more closely together. Interaction is key.
  • An innovation room with modular furniture and whiteboards are introduced to give employees the opportunity to be more creative and give presentations that really engage.
  • All administration is digitalized. Paper archives and processes belong to the past. This digitalization of processes, makes working from home more appealing and feasible.
  • Employees are always encouraged to clean their desks, so it is easy to change places when you need to work in other departments.
  • The introduction of leisure rooms enables employees to relax during the day. They can enjoy a game in the kick-it zone, where a pool and kicker table are at their disposal. Or they can read a relaxing book, which is available in the library.

Conclusion: everybody wins

All those changes are of course, two-sided. First, ALD Automotive employees become more satisfied and motivated which results in a higher productivity level, more innovative ideas and employees who are ready to take on more responsibilities. Second, due to the time and place independence, NWoW also has positive effects on employees. One main positive side effect is that they get the chance to coordinate their work-life balance better.

We can conclude that this New Ways of Working (NWoW) concept is able to transform companies from the inside and change them into strong, healthy and creative businesses, with satisfied employees. ALD Automotive wants to become the perfect example.


This reference case is also mentioned in VOKA Kamer van Koophandel Magazine, edition of November 6, 2018.

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