WEBINAR Talent Management: 'How to achieve transformational learning via your online Academy'

The COVID-19 crisis became the accelerator for workplace transformation. By now, most organizations figured out how to organize around this new-way-of-working, but what about Learning and Development? Now, even more than before, your people not only need to be trained in new skills, they need to develop new behavior that often challenges their previously held convictions. As you know, this kind of transformational learning is not easy. But, this crisis can also be an opportunity to re-invent you Learning & Development programs.

01.12.2020 - Webinar 6
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Timing: 11.a.m. - 12 p.m. (Q&A included)
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Re-skilling & transformational learning

21st century job environments change so rapidly that it is a challenge for people and businesses to keep track of the latest industry standards and effective good practices. No less than 87% of executives in McKinsey’s Global Survey (2020), said they experienced skill gaps in the workforce, even before the pandemic. Knowing it can cost six times more to hire someone from outside your organization than to build skills from within (Harvard Business review, July 2020), re-skilling your in-house portfolio and project management talent can be the best investment you’ll make this year.

And it is truly a very good approach to acquire new skills that will help you tackle technical challenges. However, more adaptive challenges (like culture transformations, digitization, Agile transformations, market disruptions, …) require transformational learning which entails letting go of and reframing fundamental and long held ideas, beliefs, values and models.

How can you do this in a world where you cannot put everyone together in a classroom in front of the expert trainer?

We, at Threon, faced the same problem. Knowing where to start can be challenging, but we turned this threat into an opportunity and developed our ‘Academy Snake’ as part of our newly set-up Online Academy. This learner centric approach motivates and supports learners in:

  • Applying new knowledge faster
  • Learning at their own pace, preferred time and favored learning method
  • Obtaining a sustainable retention of what is learned
  • Transformational learning by providing a combined teaching and coaching approach.

Do you want to know how you can achieve these advantages as well? In that case, this webinar is exactly what you need!

This will be discussed:

  • A quick introduction on how it helps to focus on competence-based learning and tailored training roadmaps, instead of individual training courses
  • Our own reference story and how we transformed our classroom academy into an online, learner centric one.
  • How you can differentiate between training focused on learning new skills and development modules focused on transformational learning.
  • The Academy Snake principle, which focuses on a mix of learning methods that enables quicker and effective learning.

This webinar will be presented by Sven Gellens & Jurgen Denul.

Sven (PhD Philosophy) is a senior consultant with many years of experience in Learning and Development. Together with Jurgen he developed our new Online Academy and its transformational way of learning. Next to this, Jurgen is one of our senior Lean Agile Innovation experts and an internationally experienced transformation coach.

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11:45 - 12:00 Q&A