FREE WEBINAR Portfolio Agility: 'Keep the overview by linking lean governance with execution'

This is your chance to participate in our most successful Portfolio Agility webinar of 2020. This session focuses on the execution and follow-up of projects and initiatives. Once you have transformed your organizational strategy into projects and initiatives, the real work begins… This execution process automatically brings up some delicate pitfalls. For example, your organization experiences the need to lower agile teams' Work-In-Progress (WIP) or for a transparent follow-up overview on portfolio level. And what about governance? When, how often and what is exactly discussed in those meetings? Luckily for you, that is exactly what this webinar will help you with.

10.02.2021 - Session 10


Timing: 11.a.m. - 12 p.m. (Q&A included)
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Key questions we will clarify:

  • How to define which project ideas should be prioritized at organizational level?
  • And consequently, how can there exist a more direct lean flow to the execution teams?
  • How to define priorities for an agile execution team when one team is working for different customers (Business Units, Business Programs,...)?
  • How to minimize the number of governance meetings on both team as portfolio level?
  • How to avoid overlap between different governance meetings?

The answers to all these questions, will be explained by Thomas Dubois & Tom Dedecker in this Portfolio Agility webinar.

You will learn:

  • How you can increase transparency and limit Work-In-Progress (WIP) by integrating a structured project flow, initiated from idea to execution within Agile teams;
  • The Portfolio Kanban way of working
  • How budgetary, strategic, and operational governance structures on portfolio level can help you keep the priority overview for both your management as your operational teams

About the experts:

Thomas Dubois is a Sr. certified Scaled Agile 5.0 consultant and Lean Agile coach. He will be joined by Tom Dedecker, CEO of Threon BV and Sr. expert in Hybrid and Lean Agile working methods. Both have extensive experience in Agile transformations in both SME as well as Multi-National environments.

*Threon B.V. has a Silver Partnership with Scaled Agile

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11:00 - 11:45 Expert Talk
11:45 - 12:00 Q&A