Webinar I The Strategy Realization Office (SRO): reach strategic objectives by doing the right projects

Projects are launched to achieve change and to deliver benefits that fit with the organization’s strategy. But how are you dealing with the increased flow of incoming ideas, both coming from strategy as well as bottom-up initiatives? Is your organization focusing on the right projects? 'Right' meaning: the ones that will add the most value to realizing (long-term) strategic objectives? And is there a transparent portfolio overview of how selected projects contribute to those objectives?

31% of projects do not meet their goals and business intent. Keeping an overview, giving direction, and making (hard) portfolio choices is now more important than ever. For this, organizations are increasingly turning to their Project/Portfolio Management Organization (or PMO) to help them align projects with strategic objectives.

22.04.2021 - Webinar SRO 2


Timing: 11.a.m. - 12 p.m. (Q&A included)
Speakers: Willem Roekens & Jeroen D'hulst
Sessions: March, 25 & April, 22

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“Companies who invest in a strategically aligned PMO, better known as a Strategy Realizing Office (or SRO), see a 43% improvement in aligning projects with organization’s objectives and experience a 27% improvement in customer satisfaction*”.

PMI, Pulse of the Profession, 2020.

Advance your #PortfolioFocus,

with the Strategy Realizing Office (SRO) as enabler for transparent and robust strategy realization. Create more transparency and focus on portfolio level and guarantee true added value towards:

  • management (help them set clear priorities and make informed strategic decisions)
  • teams (show them how they contribute to the realization of strategic objectives).

This free webinar will show you how to achieve this.

Key questions that get answered during this webinar:

  • What is a Strategy Realizing Office (SRO) and what are its key tasks & benefits?
  • What is the relation between an SRO and other PMO's?
  • Is an SRO useful in hybrid organizations?
  • What are the main steps to move towards or set up an SRO from scratch, that will help you prioritize projects that reach their strategic goals?


  • Willem Roekens, Product Owner PMO
  • Jeroen D'hulst, sr. PMO consultant & business unit manager

This SRO webinar is the first in our #PortfolioFocus series.

11:00 - 11:45 Presentation
11:45 - 12:00 Q&A