Special Agile Week - Brussels

Be part of our "Agile week" in Brussels and dive into the Lean-Agile world with our two new trainings!

Do you want to start your Agile journey and you need a good understanding of the basic principles and techniques in Lean and Agile? Or do you want to bridge the gap between Business Strategy and Agile teams through program level?

Join our special week from November 4th until November 7th in Les Galleries in Brussels. This event has been designed to better prepare organizational leaders, project managers, PMO and people working with Agile for adopting and scaling agile methods. Our "Agile week" offers two new training courses which address two gaps identified in many organizations: getting a common understanding of the Agile Fundamentals (Agile, Lean & Hybrid) and linking the Strategic Portfolio with Agile teams.


04-05 November - Agile Fundamentals
06-07 November - Lean Agile Portfolio Management

Agile Fundamentals - 1195 euros
Lean-Agile Portfolio Management -1395 euros
Special price for both trainings - 2400 euros

Location: Les Galleries Brussels

Limited seats available.

Questions? Tel: +32 9 220 45 20


Agile Fundamentals: 4th & 5th November

During our two days Agile Fundamentals training you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge on Scrum and Kanban that will help you to start working Agile in your department or organization.

Focus will also lay on the new project management approach called Hybrid Project Management. This is gaining popularity and acceptance as it combines the best of the Agile approach - for what can't be planned - with the more traditional planned based approach, for what should be planned. It is interesting that this new approach can be applied to the majority of the projects.

During this course you will learn to:

  • Explain the benefits of working Agile in your working environment
  • Understand the essential mindset principles of Lean, Agile & Hybrid
  • Apply Scrum and Kanban principles
  • Understand the processes of Hybrid Project Management including the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master, Product Owner and the various forms of project teams within this context.
  • Recognize the patterns and anti-patterns that either stimulate or hold you back from working Agile

For more information on the content of the training and learning objectives, contact us.

After our training session on Monday 4th, we have arranged a guest speaker, who will shortly talk to us about 'How people learn' and who will share insights in how changing your learning patters can be of use in Agile environments. During this 20 minute session, we offer you a delicious walking dinner and provide some time to network.

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Anyone who wants to understand the basics of Lean, Agile and Hybrid.

It doesn’t matter if you work in development or deployment of software, hardware, infrastructure, product management or services. Many environments will benefit from the Agile mindset. Our trainers have experience in a variety of industries and sectors.

Date: 4th & 5th of November

Price: 1195€

5 PDUs
Leadership: 5.5 PDUs
Strategic & Business: 3.5 PDUs

Lean-Agile Portfolio Management: 6th & 7th of November

Do you wonder how multiple Agile teams can work together, taking into account the vision of the portfolio and the strategy of the organization?

During our two days Lean-Agile Portfolio Management training, you will learn how to bridge the gap between backlog driven Agile teams and the strategy driven business and/or innovation portfolio. This course introduces the essential concepts of scaling agile and gets your started on your transformation journey.

During this course you will learn to:

  • Establish a Portfolio Kanban and understand the portfolio function in scaled agile environments
  • Use Benefit Mapping techniques to make business value measurable and trackable in the realization of your portfolio
  • Acknowledge the importance of program level as bridge between strategy and teams
  • Learn how top-down and bottom-up ideation are combined in one governance framework
  • Estimate capacity and budget allocation in lean-agile portfolios and establish portfolio balance.
  • Understand how your current PMO might transform into an Agile PMO

For more information on the content of the training and learning objectives, contact us.

After our training session on Wednesday 6th, we have arranged a guest speaker on Design Thinking. During this brief session, we offer you a delicious walking dinner and provide some time to network.

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A prerequisite for this training is a basic understanding of team level agility (Scrum/Kanban). For more information, check our Agile Fundamentals training.

  • You’re an executive or manager pursuing organizational agility
  • You are responsible for portfolio management, or working on the portfolio definition of your organization
  • You are part of the PMO in an organization that is moving to Agile
  • You’re already working in an Agile team with no or only a loose connection to the strategic portfolio

Date: : 6th & 7th of November

Price: 1395€

5 PDUs
Leadership: 3 PDUs
Strategic & Business: 6 PDUs

Our special package for two trainings

Discover our special package if you would like to follow both trainings!

Agile Fundamentals + Lean-Agile Portfolio Management (4 days): 2400€

09:00 - 12:30 Morning session
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 - 17:00 Afternoon session
17:00 - 19:00 Guest speaker + Walking Diner & Networking