Project Management Congress Delft 2019

Get insights on how to optimize your project organization. Anton Zandhuis & Gonda Storms, Threon's simplicity advocates, will inspire you to tackle your project management challenges in complexity and introduce you to Threon's view on a 'Department of Simplicity' (DOS)!


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Interactive workshop

"Why your project organization needs simplicity"

April 11th, Delft

Businesses are competing in a world that is growing ever more complex. Changing environments due to disruptive technologies merge with increasing frequency, customer's needs and demands change at breakneck speed and it is hard to find the right talent for the job. Such reactions, however, simply translate external complexity into more complicated internal processes. In their attempt to reduce the increased complexity and reestablish control, companies tend to introduce new processes, new roles and new projects. While the project organization (with the PMO as exponent) is trying to create oversight, they often experience challenges and instead contribute to an even more complex organizational structure.

We believe introducing simplicity is the answer to your internal complexity. Join us in this practical two-hour 'Department of Simplicity' (DOS) workshop and we will alter your organizational challenges by using a pragmatic approach and shared in-depth best practices. Together, we will explore the right way to create simplified decision-making processes within portfolio management & we optimize internal transparency through reporting.

Gonda Storms (Partner Threon NV) & Anton Zandhuis (Head of PM Academy) are both enthusiastic senior consultants who have many years of experience and are familiar with coaching and providing training sessions. They prepared an interactive workshop for you which will include time to discuss topics and challenges you are facing in your own PMO organization. Are you ready to get insights in how to tackle your own organizational complexity and turn your project organization into a department of simplicity? Visit our workshop at the PM Congress in Delft!

Do not hesitate to contact Gonda or Anton if you want to receive more information!

Details about the event and the event's program can be found on the PM Congress 2019.

Event speakers

Gonda Storms

Gonda Storms

Partner Threon & Senior Consultant

Anton Zandhuis

Anton Zandhuis

Head of Threon's PM Academy & Senior Consultant

11:00-13:00 Workshop: Why your project organization needs simplicity.