Watch & Learn | Forget boring E-learnings. The new way of virtual learning and development in project management is here.

In times of COVID it might be challenging to continue with the training and development path of your project management professional(s). The market is scattered with e-learning trainings, that deliver an impersonal learning experience. Not the way to motivate your team and thus a pure waist of money and time.

Looking for a training that develops the right basis for your project management professional(s) AND that includes a true learner-centric approach that will boost the motivation and performance? Discover our Project Management Fundamentals training in virtual format!

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01.02.2021 - Session 5 -



Project management Fundamentals... What?

This course is developed for professionals who want to start their as project manager or who want to boost their knowledge and skills after some first experience.

In this course the participant will:

✔ Gain the necessary process-knowledge & best practices to advance as a professional Project Manager;
✔ Understand Project Management Processes and Knowledge Areas from two perspectives: basic best practices and their practical application.
✔ Develop the necessary skills through exercises, case studies and assignments. This skill development is strengthened by interaction with other learners and the expert teacher, both throughout the online study and in the classroom courses.
✔ Be able to apply these skills on your own projects facing the day-to-day real life challenges.

Click here to read more about the content of this training >>> Project Management Fundamentals.
This training can be booked in open calendar or via in-company request (give us a call +32 9 220 45 20 for more info)

Forget boring E-learnings. Discover our learner-centric approach.

We developed a learner-centric approach that motivates and supports learners in working more efficient, helps them apply new knowledge faster and results in a sustainable retention of what is learned. It is an integration of 3 training methods:

  • Self-paced and flexible online learning modules which are ideal for learning the basics and more technical oriented skills.
  • In-classroom sessions (virtual or physical) involving deeper or transformational learnings, bringing learners to the next level of proficiency
  • Goal-driven mentoring and individual and group coaching supporting Learning-by-doing. Training content is framed within the specific job environment where learners transfer what they learn.

Below you can find a visualization of the integration of the three training methods into one transformational learning approach that achieves personal and organizational effectiveness.


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11:30 - 11:40 Intro to PM Fundamentals
11:40 - 11:50 Demo learning environment
11:50 - 12:00 Q&A