Inspiration Days 2019 - Back to the future: predictability of business value & portfolio progress

Here they are again: our Inspiration Days! This year, we focus on the 'Predictability of business value & portfolio progress'. Two days of inspirational agile and hybrid workshops, networking possibilities and interesting insights that will boost your portfolio management expertise! Our Summer sessions will take place in Ghent (28-29.08.2019) and in Luxembourg (25-26.09.2019).


Date 28-29.08.2019 - Ghent, Belgium

25-26.09.2019 - Windhof, Luxembourg

Price Price per day: 450 euros
Bring a colleague: 50% off on second registration
Price for both inspiration days: 650 euros

Limited seats available This event is not intended for freelance consultants or students.

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Back to the future: Predictability of business value & portfolio progress

Heading towards the future using information from the past is one of the key ingredients for future organizational success. However, many organizations still struggle to create and measure an overview of the current status of their project portfolio(s). Let alone using the captured data to predict the right direction for the future... Businesses are focused on answering the question: “Where does our organization want to be in x period of time?”. These strategies and benefits are more and more realized in an Agile or Hybrid way, focusing on maximum value creation through fast iterations. Through short feedback loops, organizations are able to see if the proposed benefits are achievable and if changing directions is necessary to realize strategy or to better answer changing market needs.

Benefit realization management and portfolio progress are the main topics of this year’s inspiration days. During the first day we aim to make the link between predictability and benefit realization management. We investigate why organizations spend years and many resources on calculating project costs from the past and a lot less on the benefits or value they aim to create in the future. This day sets the basis for the second day ‘predictability of portfolio progress’. Here we take a deep dive on how existing reporting and human indicators (team behaviour/performance) will help you to obtain valuable insights into the predictability of the progress of your portfolio and the execution of business strategies.

Day 1: How benefit management can help you predict future business value

How can benefit management help you to predict the future results of your organization? How can insight from existing data enable your organization to predict the future? How can hypothesis formulation and testing help us to increase value creation? Is ROI the best metric to measure business value in adaptive organizations?

During this one-day session we will tackle the different aspects of predictability and discuss traditional, hybrid and Agile ways to predict your program and portfolio management.

Day 2: How to predict your portfolio progress

Many aspects have an influence on the progress. Besides the classical scope, time, cost we know that team coorperation is one of the most influencing factors. Sure, you have hard data to report on your project portfolio which indicates why past projects failed or became a success. But how are you using this hard data to predict the future progress of your portfolio? How can you be sure that (new) strategic projects will get delivered? The human side in value delivery is a key component of project success or failure. Consequently, it is vital to capture and encounter team behaviour and performance into the predictability of a portfolio progress.

Digitalization will facilitate the process to capture both types of data, allowing us to better predict the portfolio’s progress. This way, a higher project and team performance is ensured and the chance of successful portfolio delivery increases. During this one-day session we will bridge the gap between predictability and portfolio progress in traditional, hybrid and Agile environments.

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09:00 - 12:30 Morning Inspiration
12:30 - 13:30 Delightful lunch
13:30 - 17:00 How do we translate the inspiration of the morning session into practice?
17:00 - 18:00 Drinks & networking