Webinar I Capacity planning: How to create transparency and guarantee project delivery?

After prioritizing the right projects (see webinar From PMO to SRO), organizations need to link their resources (the right – available! – people) to the selected projects, to guarantee a successful delivery of the project portfolio. Teams and departments are requested to list their resource needs. Forecasts are made. Some figures are ‘tweaked’. Et voila; “X people (FTEs) are needed to complete projects, while keeping the business up and running”. What is the foundation of those estimations? Most likely gut feeling, combined with Excel sheets’ data, manually gathered from previous projects. Resulting in resource over or under allocations, delays, overruns, project cancellations, and execution teams that miss a clear overview on how they contribute to the strategic objectives. This webinar shows you how to resolve this.

06.05.2021 - Webinar RM 2


Timing: 11.a.m. - 12 p.m. (Q&A included)
Speakers: Thomas Bothuyne & Gonda Storms
Sessions: April, 1 & May, 6

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“Resource allocation is a key portfolio management issue. Questions arise when creating an overview on the short term, but even more questions stand out while setting up an ideal long-term capacity planning (+/- 5 years).

Advance your #PortfolioFocus,

with the Strategy Realizing Office (SRO) as enabler for transparent and robust strategy realization. You can create more transparency, focus on projects’ supply & demand, and identify major bottlenecks via a feasible capacity planning. Organizations are increasingly turning to their SRO (or PMO) to achieve this. And so can you. See how, by subscribing to this webinar!

Key questions that get answered during this webinar:

  • How to set-up a feasible long-term capacity planning that supports the budget forecast and is aligned with strategy?
  • How to identify critical resources, while setting up a feasible long-term portfolio roadmap?
  • How to create transparency on over and under resource allocation, so you can anticipate upfront?
  • How to bridge long-term resource management with mid- and short-term, by using clear reporting and an agile way of working?


  • Thomas Bothuyne, Product Owner of resource management and capacity planning
  • Gonda Storms, sr. Portfolio & Resource Management consultant, Partner Threon NV

Both hosts have many years of experience in capacity planning and resource management and use real-life business cases to explain the abovementioned concepts.

This Capacity Planning webinar is the second webinar in our #PortfolioFocus series.

11:00 - 11:45 Presentation
11:45 - 12:00 Q&A