The first part of the event was conducted by Mr. Alain Maquet, who talked about the importance of Project Management in the context of Strategy Realization. During his presentation, he covered a wide range of approaches (both good and bad) that companies may use to establish a link between strategy and a project. He illustrated the different approaches’ possible implementations with real-life examples that he has encountered before.

Then, the second guest speaker Mr. Robert Wilson described how his project organization works as a Strategy Realization Office for BCL, acting as an interface between Executives and Project Managers. He explained that while defining the strategic changes to be made was relatively easy, coordinating people to realize them has proved to be significantly harder. He concluded by stating that change is the most important element of successful management business today.

After both presentations, a panel discussion allowed participants to get further insights about how projects can enable Strategy Realization through questions to both guest speakers.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming to our event, and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening. We look forward to seeing you next time in one of our events.

Andrea Mejia

Andrea Mejia
Project Management Consultant

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