On June 20th, we had the pleasure to welcome our clients and partners at the Microsoft office in Luxembourg. We took time to discuss and exchange about project solutions of Microsoft. Introduced by a set of three webinars (Webinar #1,Webinar #2 and Webinar #3 ) released between April and June, this round table was the opportunity to deep dive inside key topics highlighted by participants.

The first topic chosen was Agility with the introduction of new templates like Kanban or Scrum. We demonstrated them how to deal with sprints and how to distribute different tasks and assign specific resources with Project Online. Participants were also interested to know more about the project’s composition within Microsoft Project Online (schedule, team, identification, site and workflow).

The last two topics discussed were about collecting projects’ needs with the digitalization of the “idea box” by using a survey online and also the importance of reporting for all projects with Project Online and Project Server. Our expert showed them some examples of interactive reports with the use PowerBI which is the future of the reporting according to Microsoft.

The second half of the session was focused on the present and the future of Microsoft solutions explaining the new features of Project Server 2019 and Project Professional 2019. The usage of a drop-down menu to create dependencies made especially strong impression.

Then, our guest speaker Vincent Capitaine, Sales Executive for Microsoft Project & PPM Cloud Lead, introduced the future of Microsoft Project … Project Service. You missed the round table? Stay tuned it will be out in Autumn 2019 !

To conclude this session, he also described the trends in the modern work that Microsoft use to improve and develop its tools to meet the consumers’ needs:

  • People want to keep the control and visibility
  • They like to choose their own tools so they can work the way they want
  • They want simple and visual tools
  • Focus on business not technology

Our guest speaker also noticed a new trend called “Wat’gile” which is the combination of Waterfall and Agile. This phenomenon is appearing more and more in some companies, indeed people run projects using the two methodologies in order to customize to the maximum their way of dealing with projects. Threon already anticipated this trend by developing concepts around hybrid project management.

We would like to thank all the participants for coming to our event, and we hope everyone enjoyed this interesting lunch. We look forward to seeing you next time in one of our events.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Christophe Delbecq

Christophe Delbecq
Associate Partner & Head of Operations

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