Thomas’ story

Thomas’ career path resembles an example of the various career possibilities that Threon can offer you. He started as a junior consultant but after four years of intensive trainings and hands-on business experiences, his career path evolved to value stream owner. In this position, Thomas is responsible for the commercial success of the value stream that focusses on supporting Threon’s customers to grow and become future-proof in a fast-changing world. At the same time, he takes the lead of an internal agile team.

“After graduation, I immediately started my professional career at Threon. To kick start my career, I followed a tailored training program that formed a solid introduction to “The Threon Way of Consulting”. This training program provides the essential toolbox each Threon consultant would need as a basis. It’s the perfect way to develop your soft and hard skills as a consultant, specifically concerning project management techniques (both waterfall and agile), presentation techniques, business analysis, requirements management, workshop facilitation, …

After a few years of being a generalistic Threon consultant, I gradually built more insights on which areas of expertise and roles I would like to focus on as a consultant. In close dialogue with my internal coach, Threon gave me the opportunity to choose specific trainings which guided me to a more specialized consultant role.”

It’s all about creating value and making a difference

Recently, Thomas obtained a certification as ‘SAFe® (Scaled Agile Frameworks) Program Consultant’, after having followed a four day training with the Gladwell Academy.

SAFe® is a framework that guides enterprises in using lean and agile principles above team level (e.g. at portfolio or enterprise level). It helps organizations to point teams towards meeting the organizational goals, instead of individual project goals.

“Those four days of training were quite intensive but at the same time very inspiring”, Thomas added. “The week kicked off with the basics to teach the SAFe® framework to others, including real-life business cases and exercises. The second part of the training focused on what it takes to successfully implement SAFe® in organizations. From this point onwards, we got to see how we could lead an enterprise lean-agile transformation by identifying value streams, design and execute an implementation roll-out strategy, and coach the execution.”

To summarize

To summarize in Thomas’ words: “After completing every new training at Threon, I feel better prepared to fulfil transformation projects at our customers. And that’s how I can truly make a difference and create high added value: through projects but with leadership in knowledge”.

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Gladwell Academy trains professionals at the intersection of management, IT and innovation. Data and technology have a growing impact on all aspects of working life; Gladwell Academy teaches people to master each of these and get the best from their position, passions and role.

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