In the first part of this guideline I describe what a webinar is and how you can do it effectively. Essential to an effective webinar is that it is highly interactive, focuses on a well-defined topic and is centered around one or more key expert speakers, whom, as I said before, actively engage with questions from the audience.

In other words: a webinar is about making a personal relationship with your (prospective) clients and establish your organization as a model-expert.

The second part is a description in terms of inputs, processes and outputs for each of the four phases of effective webinars:

  1. The reflection or ‘think before you start’-phase
  2. The design-phase
  3. The development-phase
  4. The implement or do-phase.

You can download this guideline for free (see box below).

With this document I hope to provide you with enough information on how to do effective webinars, establish a sustainable (virtual) connection with your attendees and use a webinar as quality-based lead generator.

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Sven Gellens
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