Our project management solution for SMEs

On May 23rd, we had the pleasure to welcome our prospects & clients in the ConXioN Experience Center, to discover our pragmatic solution for Small & Medium Enterprises. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, Managing Partner Tom Dedecker, introduced Threon & the values we deliver. He emphasized why it is important to change your business in this fast-changing world & shared several reasons why projects fail.

To tackle these ongoing challenges, Threon developed a qualitative project management approach as the basis for effective portfolio management. Tom proudly presented the different components within our SME solution:


With a minimum of customization, we implement a basic but sustainable way of working within the project organization to deliver projects successfully. Together with your organization, Threon develops the most suited approach for every unique situation in order to create immediate added value & a long-lasting solid project culture.

For example, one of the first steps towards new competitive project environment is organizing an Executive Workshop, in which all management and sponsors are aligned with the purpose of the new approach. As it is key to be on the same page, this workshop ensures a top-down approval & encouragement for the project organization.

Our solution in practice - LIPA FAMILY

To give our guests an idea about what this solution can imply in practice, General Manager of Lipa Family, Pascale Hendrickx, shared her experiences on the collaboration with. As Lipa Family is continuously striving for growth, a solid structure & clear processes, they experienced several challenges concerning the smooth transition, operational efficiency & a structured way of working. That's why they asked Threon to assess the as-is business processes & applications, to detect potential improvement areas and to implement a standard project approach.

How did Pascale, and Lipa Family as a whole, experience this collaboration with consultants in the past 6 months?


As Pascale expressed her ‘Team, Target, Focus’ ambition, Lipa Family will continue to apply the standard project approaches to their new initiatives, to challenge their business processes & improve efficiency, and to train & coach their internal Project Managers.

While wrapping up, after an insightful Q&A, Tom gave our guests these final key take-aways:

  • Depending on the need & maturity of each organization and in mutual agreement, Threon brings in the necessary project management techniques, tools and support.
  • A tailored & structured project management approach will help your business to grow in this fast-changing world.
  • Threon will help you choose the right projects & execute them in the right way.

To finalize this breakfast session, ConXioN invited our guests for their Digital Experience Tour, where they could discover the newest technology and how it can optimize customer service, security & other business processes.

We’d like to thank our guests, speakers & the ConXion center for this inspirational morning! We are already looking forward to organize another session in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you want to discover how we can guide you & your organization towards success.

Navaron Walraeve

Navaron Walraeve
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