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Training catalog


Welcome to our digital training catalog!

Here, you’ll discover all our offered trainings, whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to enhance your expertise or an eager learner taking your first steps, we offer a broad range that caters to anyone’s unique ambitions and goals.

Looking for a tailored training or interested in subjects that are not on our list? Send us a mail at pm*******@th****.com and we’ll get in touch!

We offer both trainings that prepare for or reward certifications and trainings that are categorized as best practices. The latter aim to enrich the trainee with distinct knowledge without official certification from an institute.

Our offerings are split into two distinct sections:

Open academy

Open academy trainings already have a fixed date, location and are available to accept registrants. Here, you can easily book the preferred date and amount of participants and you are ready to start learning.


In-company trainings are given at your location for your employees. Here you can simply send us a booking request and we’ll arrange everything.

On the third page we have divided our offerings into hard- and soft skills for an easy overview of each.


How to use the digital training catalog effectively

We have chosen to make this catalog with digital users in mind. Our offerings are made of blocks in different categories. Simply click on the desired block and the right webpage with more information will open in your browser!

Learning is a lifelong journey, and we are here to support you and your organization along the way!