Long Term Capacity Planning for Projects & Portfolios

Insight in your long term project and portfolio resource needs in less than 4 weeks!


Do you struggle to find the optimal long-term resource capacity for your planned project portfolio? Are you challenged by constant changes in resource availability (supply) and demand? You have no or limited insight in resource demand for your ongoing and planned projects and are unable to make profound executive decisions?

Experience our Long-Term Capacity Planning Solution allowing you to forecast the long-term supply and demand for resources. Thanks to our supporting tool (ReCaP) this can be executed in a quick, efficient and easy way.

In less than 4 weeks you will have a time-phased overview of your total resource requirements at your disposal. This overview allows you to assess your current situation and to make future projections in a format adapted to your requirements (per project, complexity, project phase, region…)

Let our Long-term Capacity Planning Solution enable you to identify imbalances between resource supply and demand, so that you can react and take action in time.

Your Benefits

  • Trigger an HR development program in order to ensure long term availability of the right competencies & skills 
  • Schedule programs and projects correctly within your portfolio based on their scope, type and critical resources
  • Avoid peaks in demand and allow for correct long term budgeting. Enable yourself to take accurate fact-based HR decisions in order to realize all your projects 
  • Use the Resource Capacity Planning (ReCaP ) application, built on SharePoint. This user-friendly tool supports the Long-Term Resource Capacity Planning solution and process. The possibility to subscribe to this tool allows you to do the Long-Term Resource Capacity Planning exercice yourself in the future.

Our References

Provincie Antwerpen: “Threon has managed to identify our long-term resource needs within a short time horizon. Thanks to the approach and the practical implementation we were able to make decisions according to the required capacity. The elaboration enabled us to allocate the necessary staff correctly and to such a degree to carry out the project portfolio.”

Provincie Antwerpen: “Threon succeeded to obtain a high level view on our long-term resource need. Result is a qualitative planning strategy for all programs enabling us to take strategic decisions considering successful program delivery. The ReCaP tool also offers us the opportunity to align with our stakeholders so that it is clear in which direction we are heading together.”

In order to make adequate decisions regarding your long-term resource management, we will guide you through the following steps:

  • Determine the scope by specifying the project list and generic resource types
  • Identify and classify your projects
  • Determine parameters for each classification group
  • Predict demand
  • Determine supply
  • Identify resource imbalances and define define effective actions
  • Support the decision making process

Threon's Long-Term Resource Capacity Planning Solution provides you with

  • a time-phased overview of the total resource demand and supply
  • simple and efficient tooling which supports the Long-Term Resource Capacity Planning solution
  • Training to famaliarize your stakeholders on how to use the ReCaP tool
  • Availability of experts throughout the whole process

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