Threon Event: "Agile Organization: become the best version of yourself"


Stiff muscles or even injuries after an intense workout indicate you have forced your body during that physical activity. The pain can immobilize you and needs time to heal. How can you prevent this?

  • Work out more often but lower the intensity;
  • Contact an expert who can tell you how and when to proceed
  • Search for people, who have the same goals, and who are willing to share knowledge.

Like we exercise to become the better version of ourselves, a business also needs guidance to become flexible and resilient to ever changing customer needs. Can you imagine: increasing your profits by being the best version of yourself?

To know more, Threon organizes a free evening event to guide you in this direction. With this evening session, we shed a pragmatic light on how to become more agile as organization.

Starting from existing company strengths, we focus on an agile way of doing business that empowers people, improves process agility and benefits your organization’s response to changing customer demands.

We are not alone in our optimism. That’s why we’ve invited guest speakers to join us on May 30th 2017.

Tim Vanspeybroeck Unit manager Agile Project Management Culture, Threon.

Tim will share Threon’s story on how to become more agile whilst looking at people, organizational and process aspects.

Mieke Van Gramberen  CEO, Flanders Synergy

Mieke will share her expertise on promoting and stimulating innovative modes of work organization. Her focus is on the improvement of agility in line with the quality of working life.

Chris De Mol  VP Engineering of ShowPad is the expert.

Showpad delivers the world’s most intuitive content activation platform - one that makes your content incredibly easy to find, present, share and measure. Chris is the expert when it comes to navigating both cultural and technical differences within a team, on top of being a strong believer in the agile methodology.



17h30 - Welcome

18h00 - Tim Vanspeybroeck - Agile transformation: The road to improve business agility.

18h30 - Mieke van Gramberen - Can you organize ownership?

19h00 - Chris De Mol - Going faster by slowing down.

19h30 - Walking dinner and networking

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May 30th 2017

Free Event

Salons Waerboom, Groot-Bijgaarden

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