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Embrace digitalization impacting your strategy, projects and human capital

Summertime is ideal to deepen your knowledge and to get inspired. Three days of interactive workshops supplying new insights on advanced topics that relate Digitalization and Project, Portfolio and Program management. Each day we focus on a specific topic: strategy, projects and human capital.

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A revised business strategy as basis for digitalization | Ghent

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English Ghent, Belgium € 450,00

A revised business strategy as a basis for digitalization

Digitization makes your business more transparent, permitting competitors to target you with a better digitally enabled offering. How does your organization tackle this challenge?! Grab the opportunity to rethink how your products and services can deliver more value to your customers using digital technology. This will allow your organization to:

  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Stay competitive
  • Bring new services to the market

Embracing the digital revolution and acting upon it to make your business more sustainable is challenging, but rewarding. Awareness on what digital can bring for your company, self-assessment on your own digital capabilities, and clear insights into your ambitions and expectations are essential to a successful digital transformation.

Your benefits:

  • Increase your awareness about digital possibilities and trends
  • Define the readiness of your business to transform
  • Discover how you can get the most out of digital possibilities
  • Learn how proven techniques can help your company started on a digital transformation journey based on a real-life case (Peter Van Hees)

Guest speaker Peter Van Hees

Peter Van Hees is as an innovation manager focused on innovative cognitive solutions for enterprise customers (with 20 years of industry experience). He has had the privilege to work for several industry leading companies; including KBC, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, AB Inbev (Interbrew) and Belgacom.

He is most passionate about looking for innovative digital trends and trying to map the implementation of projects into the envisioned digital future.

Peter Van Hees is a passionate trend watcher and public speaker sharing innovative future insights with like-minded people.

Delivering projects in a digital world | Ghent

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English Ghent, Belgium € 450,00

Delivering projects in a digital world

Digitalization forces organizations to work in a different way, whether it's in delivering digital programs/projects for customers or digital transformations internally... We look into how methodology, both classical project management and agile, can support you in delivering your projects successfully in a digital world. By sharing our experience with Infrabel, we demonstrate how a digitalization can be tackled though classical program and project management. A technical and digital program, the implementation of a train control system, was managed using a structured program approach.

As business becomes more digital, it becomes more volatile, unpredictable and complex. The digital world often requires shorter time-to-market, and requires us to be able to change course quickly to keep track with the faster changing market. During this session we explain how scaled agile, allows more organizational agility to keep up with the digital world.

Classical methodology and scaled agile are two different approaches. The best of both worlds can be an in-between of both, applied to your company’s DNA. Daniel Sengeløv, COO of V!GO will explain how they applied agile principles to their benefit in digitalizing their business processes.

To wrap up we’ll give an impression of the tooling landscape that supports agile or the application of agile principles in PM tooling.

Your benefits

At the end of the day we would like you to leave inspired on the following subjects:

  • How to deliver a big digital transformation in structured and controlled way through classical program and project methodology?
  • How could scaled agile, the application of agile on organizational level, increase your organizations swiftness in a digital world? How can it shorten time to market and increase customer satisfaction?
  • How did applying agile principles facilitate a digital transformation at V!GO?
  • Which tools can support me in applying scaled agile or some concepts of agile for my digital projects?

Guest speaker Daniel Sengeløv

As COO of V!go, Daniel is responsible for all operational teams within V!GO Group. This includes production, supply chain, facility management and supporting over 220 FTE's in Belgium..

The shift to a digital world: challenger and facilitator for human change| Ghent

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English Ghent, Belgium € 450,00

The human side of digitalization
The shift to a digital world: challenger and facilitator for human change

Digital business transformation goes beyond the application of technology to revolutionize the way organizations operate and develop. Besides the availability of a strong business model and strategy and the deployment of agile project management practices, the human part is a third cornerstone for successful digital transformation.

The transformation process needs to be built on a strong story that ultimately reinforces the commitment of each stakeholder. People will go a long way for causes they believe in.

Senior management must encourage employees to support and apply new ways of working and behavior, and motivate them to make the journey.

In this workshop we will explore ways on how to apply ‘digital’ towards the stakeholder community during a transformation program. By using the ADKAR change model, from awareness until reinforcement, we will explore in each step ways to apply digital technologies effectively to bring individuals and organizations to a next step.

Specific attention will be given to Threon’s collaborative learning platform PMTalk, bringing us beyond the known e-learning practices from the past.

Your benefits:

  • An interactive session with experts in the field of portfolio, program and project management
  • Valuable insights on how agile portfolio management contributes to the success of your organization
  • An assessment applied on your organization allowing you to develop a first insight on the obstacles that may arise when implementing an agile portfolio

Ghent - 22.23.24-08.2017

Spend a visit to the wonderful city of Ghent, famous for it's vivid atmosphere and great culinary opportunities. Join the following workshops available and benefit from experts and colleagues from other organizations:

  • A revised business strategy as basis for digitalization
  • Digital in project delivery
  • The shift to a digital world: challenger and facilitator for human change

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Dates & Venue

22.08.2017 | Ghent

  • A revised business strategy as basis for digitalization

23.08.2017 | Ghent

  • Delivering projects in a digital world

24.08.2017 | Ghent

  • The shift to a digital world: challenger and facilitator for human change

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